Letter from Sascha to Phlebas-3


I write to you in the shape of a serving-boy, whose form I have temporarily assumed. That morphing spell you were at pains to teach me. Never could get it right, remember? Well, when there is a will, there is a way – and I have a desperate will. The transfusion did not work. I am not pixie. Without this spell, I am a repulsive lump of greying flesh, the sight of which would cause you nightmares. Who to blame? My own stupidity perhaps, but also, also, the Hidden Lady, who had the gall to gloat. Claims this is some punishment for thieving from her. Though my words may seem calm, I feel the most powerful rage, cousin. More angry than I was when Sirion out-gambled me. More than when I was wrongfully confined. More even than when father and I last spoke.

She will pay for this Phlebas, and I will use all the power I have left to me to ensure it. Should this end badly for me, I ask that you forgive me the small debt I owe you. And be kind to Locke, should he ever need your help. You and he have been my closest friends.


Letter from Sascha to Phlebas-3

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