Letter from Sascha to Phlebas-2

Dearest Phlebas,

Have some time to kill, so thought I would grace you with another missive from Greatlune. Have found lodging in the somewhat overpriced Pelican in one of the nicer (though patently not the nicest) district in town. Was in need of some pampering after the fight we had today, to be honest. Senseless escapade to avenge Sangunius’ silly friends, the Followers of Schul. Almost killed by rat things. Vilest of verminkind. They were satisfactorily butchered by Sanguinus and skewered by Locke, as usual. Got myself a chaos gemerald out of it, so perhaps worth the pain. Phlebas, my friend, if you could see it. Green as fresh grass with a bloody red core. Will look so stunning on a tiara, I think. I bet you’re just bronze with envy right now, but don’t worry – I’ll let you admire it all you like when I next find myself in Harrokaddar.

Ix-nay on the homunculus, by the by. Hollis found an alchemist who is willing to pay for heritages and wants to exchange my Magminity instead of switching bodies again. A bit of a shock, I admit; but you know I never really had much use for The Family nor, with the exception of your lovely self, they for me anyway. Perhaps I too shall invest in an infusion and then you can feast your eyes upon a shiny new (dare I dream immortal?) Sascha. A Maenad? A Dreamdancer? A Vampiress? No matter what, I’m sure I’ll still be

your favourite cousin,

You know, it occurs to me now that the old death-fueled body of Sascha might well have been immortal. She could have gotten her wish! Shame I’m not faster on the uptake. Anyway, on to the next!

Letter from Sascha to Phlebas-2

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