Letter from Sascha to Phlebas

Dearest Phlebas,

Two letters in as many weeks! I know, I overwhelm you with affection. Writing to you from Greatlune – and her luni-ness is great indeed. Like a giant sweating pimple in the sky, if you’ll forgive my poesy. And, speaking of Hollis, the boy has quite a knack for the Art. Charmed a Mastodon as though it were a kitten. You’ll recall my own rather unfortunate forays into creature-communing with that squidling. Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear that I too am making great strides – in ink-o-mancy. Crafted a bird that flew us across the whole of Ludpoole. Most impressive, if I do say so myself. Ludpoole, by the by, is plague-ridden. Spread the word and all that.

And yes, you did read Mastodon. Creature’s as big as a house. Rode the thing through practically all of Thrimdoone. Very curious beasts – it even seemed to understand Sanguinus when he told it to leave. Oh, and we did have a tiny run-in with some imps. Nasty little buggers. Locke and Sanguinus made short work of them, though. I swear L must be half lynx the way he moves. Broke his dagger. That isn’t bad luck is it? Well, I’m sure he can bear the loss. He’s sporting that raven-feathered cloak I had my eye on at Spider’s. I am so full of longing.

Well, I certainly thought that once we reached Greatlune it would be all ambrosia and kisses, but no, cousin. Not only was I obliged to listen to Sanguinus preach for an Age for just a mite bit of healing, but we were immediately swept up by another little religious sect. Followers of the Moon-lady. Never met such a pack of fools. Swindled out of their life-savings by the most primitive of cons. If they were a little less shabby, I might pity them, but as it is… Tell me, is there some awful rule that holy people must live in squalor?

Anyway, back to the Job. Some of us must work for a living, dear cousin.


PS – Could you be a dear and dig me up a spell for homunculus-crafting? Ta!

Letter from Sascha to Phlebas

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