Greatlune is the primary harbor on the Chaos Sea and is named for the gigantic spherical earth/fire mote that hangs off in the distance, strangely static in the churning chaos. Most who travel the Chaos Sea will depart from Greatlune’s indestructible diamond pier, which juts a full two kilometers into the Chaos.

Greatlune is not a place to raise children. It is a typical resource-extraction community. The foolish and the brave keep coming to Greatlune because the wealth that can be extracted from the Chaos Sea is enormous. The risks — both temporal and financial — are equally huge. The parish has boomed and busted a dozen times. Right now Greatlune is on the trailing edge of a boom, and so is even more crowded with idiots than usual.

The population is split between transient fortune hunters and more settled townsfolk. The townies mostly live in their own quarter, which is walled and heavily patrolled.

The Outfitters’ Lodge is the heaviest hitter in town. It oversees critical infrastructure and keeps the peace enough so that the money keeps flowing. Commercial agreements are usually sealed with a sorcerous binding-oath, which makes all business very personal here.


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