Semi-Inevitable Paladin



A large, bald man in his thirties, with dully glowing eyes and battered armour.

Carries a halberd and a warn holy symbol around his neck.

Lawful — Deny mercy to a criminal or unbeliever.

Human, inevitable


Sascha ’s misguided behaviour endangers their very soul! All her hedonism and flagrant disregard for the laws of nature are now costing both her and Hollis. She should learn from this before one of them is lost to the void.

I respect the beliefs of Locke but hope they will someday see the true way. He has good intentions, but should try to work within the law first.


  • End a spell or effect — Inevitable racial move. 3 holds by “invoking the rites of blood and tradition (?)”. 1 hold on partial.
  • Lay on hands CHA — heal damage or disease. Risk transferring healed condition to you.
  • Armoured — ignore clumsy tag on armour.
  • I am the law CHA
  • Quest — Take on vows, gain divine boons.

Used to be a librarian. Aligned with order, but quietly.

Inhabited by a wounded Inevitable, that over the years has completely merged with the Human and is now the major part of me.

Became a Paladin, driven by the Inevitable imperative for order, and took the holy name Sanguinus.


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