Hollisa Potato



History of previous forms / infusions:

  1. Black Pudding + Human (as Hollis)
  2. Magman (as Hollis)
  3. Lumpy Flesh (as Hollis)
  4. Black Pudding + Eldrich Ant Queen
  5. Black Pudding + Fleshbender
  6. Black Pudding + Fleshbender + Gargoyle + Invisible Cyclone
  7. Black Pudding + Carth

Current form:
Black Pudding

Things Hollis has lost

  1. Original form
  2. Health and appetite (regained after healed by Carth)
  3. Black pudding powers (regained after infusion)
  4. Food column
  5. Sasha’s affections
  6. Ghoul Captain’s affections
  7. Mastodon (regained in Epilogue)

Sanguinus(ver. 2)’s mother


Celebrated ex-food columnist with a voracious appetite for life seeks a companion for adventure and possibly love.

You: Love to travel, enjoys long walks, and willing to try new things (especially in the bedroom).

Me: Enjoys painting, trying new food, harbors a growing collection of tattoos. Had bad luck with love but that was a lifetime ago. My last lovers were a Magman, Fleshbender, five Invisible Cyclones, and an Anubite so, obviously, all races and numbers welcome.

Note: Must not be allergic to mastodons.

Thanks for looking at my OKCudix profile!

Hollisa Potato

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