Description Jobs Offered
Labyrinth I
The gang rejects paying work and volunteers to save Lorn refugees from the Labyrinth.
Labyrinth II
A spider attacks and everything turns to shit.
Will it Blend?
The gang visits the Fleshblender compound. Sanguinus gets a new heart. Sascha and Hollis share a special interlude. Locke earns the esteem of Lord Zoltan.
Sex as a Weapon
Hollis and Sascha find alternate lovers. Sanguinus saves a Starfish Man from petrification. The gang journeys to the gentle parish of Auldefair Bend to take a bounty hunting job.
Invisible Mastodon!
Hollis/Sascha makes a new friend who challenges the relationship between him and Sanguinus.

Letter from Sascha to Phlebas

Against The Hidden Lady
The gang takes on the guild of the Hidden Lady in the service of some Halfling-Cyclops pilgrims of Shul. Hollis-Sascha converts to Karthite worship and receives an intriguing and lucrative offer

Letter from Sascha to Phlebas-2

Cultural Appropriation
Hollis and Sascha sell their heritage and are reduced to the mean of all sapient life. Sanguinus has a run-in with a gang of Rat Thing toughs, and Locke works a curious spying job.
The Demon Rum I
As an acid storm washes over Greatlune, Sanguinus seeks shelter in the Horn Head Distillery

Letter from Sascha to Phlebas-3

The Demon Rum II
Sanguinus destroys the Horn Head Distillery and learns a terrible truth about Hollis

Prayer to Solaris

From A Great Height
The gang kills Gildane the gargoyle chaos pirate.

Prayer to Solaris-2

Rhymes With “Banging Us”
The gang is ambushed by Rat Thing bravos at the Church-court of Karth. Sascha goes all-in with the Silent Mother. Squeak rallies the Cockroach Army on the Plane of Compost.

Prayer to Solaris-3

Genocide Is Third Base
Sanguinus consolidates his hold on the Temple of Karth while Hollis deals with the oncoming cockroach host



Home. Run-down and overpopulated. A maze of twisty little streets. Local government is broke — the ability of the parish to tax was destroyed by the Hidden Lady’s temple after the city attempted to tax its takings. The Green Elemental Temple is the heart of town and is caringly tended by a society of Yeti caretakers.

The Labyrinth

Endless stairways, spell-warping magic, desperate captives, deadly predator spiders — and apparently the new gateway to the plane of Lorn.

Auldefair Bend

A pleasant, well-run place of wide avenues and learned scholars. The massive St. Dympha Sanitarium and the Cube Gardens are the chief attractions.


Home of the Lightning Brains


A Krakenoid swamp. Foreigners need to stick to marked paths and avoid the quarantined citadel. A colony of learned halfling botanists have established a settlement in the dry north. The Academy of Sorcery is here, as is Sascha’s cousin Phlebas.


Jumping-off point to the Chaos Sea. A typical resource boom town, burgeoning with wealth taken from the Chaos. Sorcerous diamond piers extend kilometers out into the maelstrom.

Thebes and Luxor, the Twin Glories of Pharaoh Mobius

Ruled by Pharaoh Mobius.


Giant rat-thing landfill.


Plantation parish; fields, workhouses, and splendid manor houses. Under a plague sign recently.


Large urban park / game reserve owned by the purple-skinned Wardens. Recently suffered an ice monsoon.




Custom Moves

When you donate your heritage, you lose one of your heritage moves (the GM will choose) and you bodily transform one step closer to raw living clay, to the mean form of all sapient life. It’s up to the GM to decide what this form is, but it’s almost certainly not a two-legged pink mammal with opposable thumbs. Hope you were paid well!

When you receive a heritage infusion, you gain a heritage move appropriate to the donor. Then, roll -the number of “native” heritage moves you currently have. On a 7-9, choose two, on a 10+ choose three.

  • You may choose the heritage move you gain
  • You permanently gain the heritage move
  • You do not bodily transform to resemble the donor
  • Your future offspring will be viable
  • You are not haunted by anxious dreams of your appropriated alien heritage

When you speak your need and sacrifice some jingle roll +1 for every full J100 you sacrifice. On a 6-, the Sultana becomes aware of your exploits but does not intervene. On a 7-9, choose three. On a 10+, choose all but one:

  • her intervention arrives in a timely fashion
  • your party will remain safe during the intervention
  • her intervention helps your party achieve its goal
  • you do not exhaust the Sultana’s goodwill
  • the sacrifice of Favors pays your debt to the Sultana in full

When you open a package that doesn’t belong to you, roll +nothing. On a 7-9, choose two. On a 10+, choose all but one.

  • the contents are valuable
  • the contents are useful
  • the contents are not broken
  • the contents are not dangerous
  • your tampering is not evident to anyone

When you fiddle with a strange device, roll +some ability that the GM picks. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a 10+, choose 3.

  • You learn the artifact’s purpose and how to use it
  • The artifact is still usable
  • No one is harmed
  • You may take +1 to your next roll to understand a similar artifact
  • You may ask the GM one question about the artifact’s last owner



  • jackal race sired for Pharaoh Mobius by the god of the underworld. They are infiltrators and spies, they hear whispers and travel in darkness, but the light of the sun makes them quail.


  • Not a species — almost a post-species.


  • Not undead, but gross.
  • Eat things others can’t.
  • Reproduce differently

Goat Head (aka “Capra”)


  • Sometimes they go feral


  • join minds with nearby family; all of you peer into the distance; collectively you are a telescope.
  • eat like a locust.
  • tumble, caroom, rebound


  • Vain sorcerers will spawn dozens of homunculi and cull all the imperfect ones, but some escape and squat in Ditchbiggin.


  • Pure law archons, they act to suppress abominations and preserve creation.


Lightning Brains

  • Lightning Brains are native to the parish of Ynan and are basically massive plasma balls with brains inside them.
  • War Brains occupy orbs that are spiked like the head of a mace.

Lorn Apes

  • An apelike civilization unique to Lorn.
  • Very rare at this point, few survived the destruction of Lorn and fewer still made it through the Labyrinth to safety.


Dwarf-shaped and industrious, the magmin are among the deepest-dwellers of Dungeon World. Found in cities of brass and obsidian built nearest the molten core of the planet, the magmin live a life devoted to craft—especially that of fire and magical items related to it. Surly and strange, they do not often deign to speak to petitioners who appear at their gates, even those who have somehow found a way to survive the hellish heat. Even so, they respect little more than a finely made item and to learn to forge from a magmin craftsman means unlocking secrets unknown to surface blacksmiths. Like so much else, visiting the magmin is a game of risk and reward.


  • Stubborn
  • A domesticated minotaur is a great mark of status in Ditchbiggin society.

Starfish Men

  • One gender, arbitrarily refered to as male.
  • Starfish young bud off their parent, but only after a prolonged infancy of several years. *
  • Starfish do everything slowly

Vulture Folk

  • Vulture folk have a unique hook-and-dagger fighting style.
  • Vulture folk look like Skexis, but are way more limber.
  • Vulture folk were cursed to walk by a god after they ate a very wrong thing.

Walking Great Rooks



Chaotic Shiny
Roll 1d12
Abulafia Planar Generator
Dave’s Mapper
Details of the Mission
The Rainy City

Divinities and Powers


  • The Hidden Lady destroyed Ditchbiggin’s government after they tried to tax her.

Ditchbiggin Parish

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